Minimalism | How it all began for me

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What is minimalism?

For me, it means getting rid of the unnecessary, and only keeping what’s important and what makes us happy.

When did I first thought of it?

A few weeks ago.

I watched a recent video of Justine Feather on Youtube, and she was talking about how she’s decided to be vegan. I heard about that term before, but I thought to myself that I wouldn’t be able to do it. To add to that, I tried to be vegetarian last year, and I only lasted four months. It’s complicated.

It’s really hard because I’m asian, and I want to save money, therefore I didn’t feel like spending on groceries when I could eat for free at home. The problem is my mom, well… my entire family is  not vegan nor vegetarian. We eat meat almost everyday. So, it’s really hard to avoid those food.

But then, I was just curious on the types of food vegans eat. So, Justine recommended a few vegan youtubers, and I watched a bunch of Caitlin Shoemaker’s videos, and I was really impressed by them. She also does yoga which made me remember how my yoga teacher last semester was talking about mindfulness and such. I thought, how could I be mindful?

When I was taking the class, I didn’t really pay attention to all of that. I just did the work just to get rid of it. I was also always distracted whenever we meditated. Now that I’m no longer taking the class, and I’m watching these videos about eating healthy, yoga, working out, losing weight, saving money, I took the time to think about mindfulness all over again.

What is mindfulness?

For me, I see it as being peaceful with myself. What I mean is, taking the time to focus on the important things, and remove all distractions. We can do that by meditating. It’s like decluttering physical objects; like a part of minimalism.

With that being said, I looked for minimalist youtubers. I discovered and loved Sarah Nourse and Muchelleb. They both have the ability to encourage me to change the way I live my life. Normally, I don’t always listen to people who gives me those kind of advices because I want to live my life the way I want to. But recently, I realized that I’ve already tried to change the way I look into things. Before, I wanted to stay home, not go out much because I didn’t want to keep spending; this year, I told myself to live in the moment and take risks and go for opportunities and explore. But that came with spending a lot of money.

Both ways of living aren’t really good for me because they gave me temporary happiness. So, I thought how can I be happy while also have fun and explore what life provides?

That interest got me looking more and more into minimalism. I also started listening to the audiobook of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up my Marie Kondo and watching people using the author’s advice and suggestions on how to declutter their possessions, and I decided to do the same thing.

I got rid of SO MANY clothes that I never wore or didn’t use often, and my room seems A LOT lighter and that alone made me happy about my space. I’m also a book hoarder, and I remember telling people how stressed and guilty I was of owning so many unread books, because before I just bought books because people on booktube recommended them. But the excitement only lasted a few days after I bought the book. So, if I didn’t read it right away, I would most probably lose interest. That is why I own so many unread books.

Now that I want to become a minimalist, I’ve decided to get rid of half of my books. It was hard at first because I love my collection, but I literally do not have time to take care of all of them. So, I chose the books that once gave me joy, and others that I have no interest in reading anymore because why keep them if I won’t give them the love that they deserve? I could just give them away or sell them to people who would appreciate them more than I will or I once did.

My books are still with me, but I already sold a couple. I just haven’t gotten around to bring the rest to the used bookstore in the province because it’s a bit far from me.

So, that’s my story.

I admit I’m still new. I still have a lot to learn and get used to. But, so far I am happy with what I got rid of and what I own as of now. I still need to get rid of a few things, but minimalism is an on-going process; we can’t just get rid of every unnecessary things in one day, or maybe one week.

That’s it for now, talk to you soon ❤


Looking back: SUBBAN/WEBER trade…

credits to the photo owner

On June 29th, 2016 I was at my grandma’s house hanging out with my 4 year-old cousin when my dad called from work. Confused, I answered, “Hello?”

“Oh, they trade SUBBAN–” he started saying, but I stopped him as my heart dropped from my chest.

“WHAAAAT?……….For who?”

“Yeah, for Weber from Nashville!!!” he shouted on the phone. He sounded happy, but pissed at the same time which was confusing me even more.

Now, a year and a day later, I still don’t know how I feel about that trade. All I know is that I miss Subban, but I also like Weber.

To be honest, even before the trade, I already liked Weber. I knew he had a great, strong shot, but I didn’t really watch him play enough to judge his defensive or offensive play.

I started liking hockey about the same time PK Subban became part of the HABS’ roster in the 2010 NHL Playoffs. Back then, I didn’t know much. All I knew was Halak was better than Price, Sidney Crosby is unfortunately not a HAB and that for some reason my favourite player was Maxim Lapierre.

Through the years after that, I learned about hockey and grew a passion for it. I appreciated hockey players more than I did at first (how hard they work and all), I learned about trades and knew I didn’t like them.

I met PK for the first time, I think in 2013 and he was really nice, but serious (probably tired from practice). The second time I met him was at the blood donation at the Bell Centre in 2015 and he was really fun.

He’s as funny, confident and nice as he is on TV. I might not know him personally, but I know he’s a good person. So all the shit they say about him being a distraction, I don’t believe it. I know there’s a much bigger reason on why they traded him. They don’t want to admit it because they would sound like hypocrites. In my opinion anyway. It doesn’t mean it’s true. That’s just what I think.

So, when PK got traded, I couldn’t believe it. Not only me but probably more than half of the HABS fans. He was a great entertainer and an even greater player with a huge talent. He can make the crowd go wild. Yes he makes turnovers/mistakes but who doesn’t??? Have you seen the HABS’ turnovers this past season?

I then gave Weber a chance because its not his fault PK is gone.

I gotta say Weber was amazing with the habs especially when he scores those Canon shots during the PP.

What was really annoying though is the Subban/Weber tweets. People would say something like “Subban who?” Everytime Weber does something spectacular. I mean I could easily quit twitter to avoid those but I want to read updates and also tweet about the HABS too, just not about the fact that Weber was playing better than PK.


Anyway, it’s really hard to be a habs fan. I’ve gotten used to some struggles, but apparently not all of them. Sometimes I ask myself why can’t I just like another team, like the Penguins. But the thought just doesn’t sound so appealing. I can’t not be a HABS fan. I can’t hate them permanently. I can’t be a huge fan of another team other than the HABS. So even though I don’t agree with their decisions, I have no choice but to deal with it.

I will always admire PK as a person and an athlete. I appreciate everything he did for the city of Montreal. Maybe one day I’ll get over this trade, but a year is not enough to forget and move on even if Weber did awesome.

Unrequited Love? PART 1

*Disclaimer, I will use “they/their” to refer to the person you admire or like, so I don’t repeat “she/he, his/her” every time*

Hello readers,

This is a different post. It is not book related… well… it is not mainly about books, but I want to discuss this with you guys because maybe you can all relate to it.

What is unrequited love?

To be honest, I’ve never really known the meaning of it until we were discussing Othello by Shakespeare in one of my classes this past semester. Unrequited Love is the same as one-sided love. For instance, you can like someone, but that person doesn’t share the same feelings. As I tried to process the word unrequited, I looked at my friend, and we both started to laugh because it was so accurate to what we were going through at that time.

Have you ever felt an instant connection with someone just by making eye contact? You don’t even know who the hell that person is, what their name is, how old they are or are they even single? But for that one second you looked at each other, you felt something and you tried to ignore it.

As days passed, and you keep noticing them looking at you, you start to think about all the different meanings. They kept looking to the point that it becomes creepy but it’s not… It’s not creepy because you like it and you have no idea why.

You start to have these different ideas. You think they like you; they have a crush on you. You start to see all their actions as signs that they are probably trying to make a move on you. Everything starts to remind you of them. For instance, songs that you’ve been listening to will start to remind you of them.

Then they start talking to you for the first time, and you start to have butterflies in your stomach; it makes your day and you think they definitely like you.

Then you go home and replay the scene over and over in your head, and you start to realize how stupid you’re thinking; that maybe you’re just imagining things; that they don’t like you; and you tell yourself that you need to get over it.

But then you see them again, and you just can’t.

It goes on for days, weeks, months and maybe years? You pretend you don’t care, that you’re not affected because you refuse to make the first move; because what if you’re wrong? You’d just embarrass yourself and you don’t want that. You wait for them to make more moves; to make it obvious to you that they like you, but you get none.

Then you think they probably are not interested, but a small part of you thinks that it’s because they’re shy.

You start to hate everything, hate them for not making a move when you think they like you too.

But then you realize, what if you’ve been imagining this whole thing? What if all this time, you’ve been idealizing them? Just like how Emilia idealizes Iago. What if the reason they were looking at you was because you looked familiar, or something else? What if their actions are just part of who they are?

It’s hard to admit,  but maybe that’s just it?