Hello, my name is Rochelle and I am twenty years old.

I am a book lover, storyteller and hockey fan. I am a student and currently in a B.Ed program. I created this blog to share my passion for books and other hobbies of mine (e.g. hockey). However, as time went on, a lot of things in my life changed and I want to write about that over here. Back in July (2017), I decided to become a minimalist and so far it’s still going great and I’m happy. To be honest, I still own a lot of unnecessary things, but I love writing about the progress I’m making.

With that said, on this platform, I will be sharing my minimalism journey, share my passions and write about stories or events I’ve experienced that you might be able to relate with.

Thanks for stopping by!

Contact: ellamonte4@hotmail.com




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