It’s been over a month since I became a minimalist. Whuuuut? I can’t believe I still want to keep doing this.

What I will cover in this update are:

  1. How did becoming a minimalist affected my life positively?
  2. What are the struggles I have gone through?
  3. How do I feel about what I currently own right now?
  4. Goal for the next two months

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1. How did becoming a minimalist affected my life positively?

I spent a lot less. I know I tried to save money before becoming a minimalist, but this time, it’s a different feeling.

Before, I would always feel weird or regretful every time I don’t spend on something I admired at first glance. Or, it would take just a little convincing from others for me to buy the item. For example, there’s a book that caught my attention, I would hesitate on whether to buy it or not and I’d ask my friend if I should and whenever they say “yes,” I would immediately buy it.

But now? That’s not happening. This one time my friend asked me if I wanted to go to this bookstore with her because she was planning to buy books, and I said okay. Before, I would rarely leave a bookstore empty handed, so I was a little hesitant. I thought maybe I wouldn’t be able to stop myself. But even though my friend bought about six books and kind of was tempting me to buy a book, I didn’t buy any and I didn’t feel guilty about it. In fact, I was proud of myself for not spending and I was just happy the next day because the book that I wanted, well… I no longer really wanted to own it.

Now, I rely on ebooks and physical books from libraries and of course all of the unread books that I still own and still want to read.

Also, I spend less time thinking about things that make me unhappy. Like, deadlines. What I do is to do the actual work instead of wasting my time thinking and stressing about the deadline. Not that easy for many people, but it’s worth a try. Perseverance is key. 

2. What are the struggles I have gone through?

First, I was starting to be obsessed with getting rid of my things that I had to step back and think “Do I really want to get rid of this?”

Second, unsubscribing to the majority of booktubers I follow. I still love all of them and I admire what they do, but they don’t help me when it comes to saving. Their videos tempt me to buy books and I really don’t want that. It was hard at first because I missed their content, but I’m okay now.

Twitter. Oh man. I didn’t realize I was obsessed with twitter until I stopped using it. I constantly think about it whenever I’m watching shows because I just want to twee about it and reply to other people who watch the same show. I did went on twitter while Bachelor in Paradise was airing and just read people’s tweets, but I didn’t participate in them or tweet anything because that will just pull me back. hehe.

Lastly, this kind of relates to the first point. I want to get rid of so many things in my house, but I can’t really do that because they’re not all my things.

3. How do I feel about what I currently own right now?

Not satisfied. I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied. There’s always something I need to get rid of that I’m holding on to for some reason. I already got rid of SO MANY items, I’m trying to imagine my room if I didn’t throw away and donate some of my things. Oh boy.

Even though I have lesser stuff than before, my room still gets messy which shows that I still own a lot.

That’s fine though, minimalism is a not a race.

4. Goal for the next two months

Get rid of unnecessary papers in my room. Papers are starting to drive me CRAZY! I know I have to have papers for school and all because I can’t use technology for everything… I mean I could, but I can’t always concentrate with it. So I need to print stuff. Now, my room is full of papers. I really need to throw away some and keep what I really need for school or other business.

There goes my update! Thank you for reading and I hope you’re having a great day/night.



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