10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

(image is not mines)

This post is inspired by Kayla Buell‘s 100 Blog Post Ideas. I will be posting more from her list, so stay tuned (:

Let’s jump right in!


  1. I want a big dog, but I’m still slightly afraid of them, as in I feel like they will bite me any second. Weird, I know. However, when I was younger and still lived in the Philippines, we owned a couple of dogs and I had no problem playing with them, now I can’t seem to do that, but I want a dog anyway… Sigh, it’s complicated.
  2. I’m not a make-up person. I just feel like a cake whenever I put on some foundation, and when I put on mascara, I feel as if there are spider webs on my lashes. I only wear them when I really have to, but I’m not a fan.
  3. I wanted to play ice-hockey back in my early teens, but my parents didn’t approve since I’m a girl, and so they enrolled me to a music centre to learn how to play the piano instead… which I don’t mind, but playing hockey could’ve been epic as well.
  4. I only started reading a lot in my third year of high school.
  5. I am entomophobic (fear of insects)  and murophobic (fear of mice/rats). Lately I’ve been finding a couple of insects in the house and I literally just scream, run, or stay on the couch until someone gets rid of them. Luckily there are no mice, or else I’d literally pass out. (ok. maybe I’m probably exaggerating)
  6. Speaking of mice/rats, I saw one, or I think I saw one back in our old apartment a few years ago. We were moving, and I was alone waiting for my mom when I saw something move at the corner, and I saw half of its body. I literally jumped on the couch, my heart pounding, tears starting to form and just started begging the creature to not come near me (hahahha). I think I was thirteen. But yes, that’s just a huge fear of mine and I don’t know if I’ll ever get over it.
  7. I’m in love with the sound of the violin, and I want to learn how to play it, but the lessons are so expensive!
  8. Ever since I was five years old, I’ve wanted to become a teacher. Starting this fall, I’ll be studying to become one.
  9. I’m considering law school maybe after a few years of teaching, but it’s still a long way from now. Who knows what could change…
  10. I don’t consider anyone my best friend, but more like close friends or friends I can rely on. I will explain in more detail in another post.

Thanks for reading! ❤



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