Hi, so today I’m going to share some of my characters’ names including the main characters.

My protagonist’s name is Leah. Why Leah? because I want a simple name for her, short enough that the others won’t think of a shorter way to say it as a nickname. If you get what I mean. She’s half Filipina and half Swiss, specifically inspired by a celebrity that I won’t mention for now.

The main love interest’s name is Mateo. Why? Because I LOVE that name (he’s also Italian). He’s an athlete. That’s all I’m going to say for now.

Leah’s best friend is Alisha “Ali.” She’s Indian and inspired by two of my closest friends. So, my plan is to combine both of my friends’ personalities and traits to this one character (It should be fun).

Leah’s father’s name is Caelon “Cal” and a mother named Therese “Reese.”

Leah’s uncle and his wife are Cruz and Estella. They are inspired by my own uncle and his wife.

That’s all for now (:



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