Spring 2017 was probably the best Spring I’ve had in years. I’ve done a lot more than stay home, read or browse on the internet all day long. Not that I don’t do that anymore, but it was nice to do something different, like spend more time with friends and loved ones. Of course, along with going out more, I had to spend quite a bit, but you know what? When you make money a problem, you won’t be happy in life. In my opinion anyway.

First half of Spring, I was still in school. It was my last semester in College, but from where I live, College is different from University.

I took a Pre-University program at my college, where I studied English Literature for two years. So yeah, I was in a stress mode from beginning of April to early May. Thankfully, everything went great. I graduated with honours, which I was a little surprised about. I guess I just don’t consider myself as one of the smart ones (self-conscious much? xD).

My birthday was on May 4th, but I was in the middle of final presentations, writing final papers and studying for finals, so I had to postpone it. For the past two years or so, I’ve celebrated my birthday with my very good, sometimes crazy, friend Claudia since our birthday is a week apart.

This year, we went to this resto-bar called Univers. We ate their very delicious nachos. I didn’t get to take a picture though, but I definitely recommend it! We also enjoyed their Sangria. Overall, it was a really fun 20th Birthday party for me and Claudia, and a nice get together with some of our closest friends. We didn’t get to see each other a lot because of our busy semester, so it was nice to meet after everything.

On the last day of school, I went bowling with my friend Sangeeta and Veronica. It was really fun, but also sad because I was graduating, whereas Veronica and Sangeeta are taking an extra semester.

Since my vacation started, I’ve gone to three breakfast restaurants. I went to Allo Mon Coco, their food were delicious, but I couldn’t eat for the rest of the day (So full!!!). Then I went to Galleria, their food were good too, similar to Allo Mon Coco. Then I tried Tutti Fruitti with Veronica, and we weren’t a huge fan.

I also read a lot of novels during my first week of vacation, but slowed down after that.

I also went picnic with friends. Which was super fun. We played cards, charades, and just talk about different things. We were always being “attacked” by insects though which was annoying, but we still had a blast.

I went bowling again and went to the arcade with my coworkers a week after our music recital. Then I went pooling with Sangeeta and Veronica which is something I want to do again this summer.

Then finally, on the last day of Spring (June 20th), I graduated. It was one of the rare moments where I was really proud of myself. My parents and two of my closest friends being there meant a lot to me. It was a really awesome night.

I’m looking forward to what’s yet to come!


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