Writing Series!



I am starting a new series in this blog which will include updates on a story that I have in mind. This is inspired by Christine Riccio over at polandbananasbooks on Youtube. I’m still trying to think what I’m going to call this series.

Now, I’ve had problems with writing stories in the past. The main one is that I don’t finish them. Also, my mindset was bad because I was always criticizing my work, I was not confident with whatever I was writing and I just had a hard time sharing it because of the fear that people might hate it.

During my last semester, I had a class called Creative Writing Workshop, and the main purpose of that course is to share our work, get feedbacks and comment on other people work. You might have guessed that I struggled in this class. Maybe I’m exaggerating. Maybe people in my class didn’t even see me struggle THAT MUCH, but that’s probably because I’m really good at hiding what I really feel, or just pretending that everything was fine.

Thankfully, my fellow classmates were really nice and helpful with the feedback they had given me. At one point, I did get criticisms, but I was expecting them because I wasn’t really proud of the work I submitted that class. Before beginning the workshop, I just told myself that I was going to listen carefully to their feedbacks and criticisms, take them positively and use them to improve my writing. And they did.

Now, since summer for me started, I’ve been reading a lot, and been getting a lot of ideas and inspirations to write.

Now, without revealing too much, the story I’m currently trying to write is a DIVERSE NEW ADULT CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE, inspired by my group of friends.

That’s all I’m going to say for now…



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